There’s no need to reinvent the wheel — tap into a proven model that works. Your company can get access to our signature Squads program through an Ellevate Corporate Partnership.  We partner with companies of all sizes and across industries, and offer a variety of options to fit your needs and budget. 

As little as ten of your employees can join through a corporate partnership. Whether you’re focused on investing in your high potential employees, training your first-time managers, or developing your senior leaders, Squads offers your employees the opportunity to learn, grow, and reflect on how they can best contribute to the success of your organization, while fostering peer-to-peer connections with women across industries. 

Our goal is to create Squads that are diverse by looking at a variety of factors, including industry, job title, professional goals, and career stage. We also strive to make sure each Squad is a a confidential safe space for participants to celebrate successes, breakdown roadblocks, and hold one another accountable. To create these safe zones, we only allow one employee per company to participate in an individual Squad. By doing so, each member can feel more comfortable expressing their challenges and sharing personal anecdotes with the rest of the group. 

We also offer Corporate Squads customized exclusively for employees in your organization and you can read more here. 

For more information about getting access to Squads for the employees of your company, contact the Ellevate Corporate Partnerships Team