The #1 priority of the Squad Mod is to create a positive, inclusive, and safe space for all members of the group to share their thoughts with one another. 

In our experience, we've seen that Squads where all members have equal opportunity to share their perspective, ask questions, and offer advice are more likely to participate in a Squad in the future.

Great Squad Mods set an example for the rest of the group by taking initiative and following through on what they say they're going to do. You don't need to be a professional facilitator or career coach to serve as the Mod, but you do need to be comfortable facilitating group conversations over video conference. You'll also need to be prepared to ask follow-up questions during the meetings and set ground rules to make sure that all members have an equal opportunity to speak with one another. 

As the point person for your Squad, you also have a few key responsibilities to make sure your Squad is guided through the program curriculum smoothly.

Getting Started in Your Role 

As the Squad Mod, you’re responsible for setting up your Squad’s recurring meeting, managing the members of your Squad, and facilitating each week’s meetings. Below are some quick links to the resources that you'll need throughout the program.

Once Your Squad is Created: Setup Your Weekly Meeting

During the Program: Update the schedule of Hot Seats

Each Weekly Meeting: Facilitate the Group Discussion