We've designed the Ellevate Squads program to minimize the amount of extra time required by Squad Mods. Beyond participating in each weekly 30-45 minute meeting, previous Squad Mods recommend setting aside an additional 30 minutes each week during the program.




How Often

1 hour

Set up meeting in Zoom/ Invite Squad to Meeting

1x Total

15 minutes

Prep for weekly meeting: send reminder message, review notes

1x/ Week

15 - 30 minutes

Follow up from weekly meeting:  Share notes, research for following week, confirm that Hot Seater is ready

1x/ Week

The extra time is helpful for reviewing Hot Seat worksheets, preparing questions for each meeting, sending reminders, sharing resources, and sending follow-up questions to members. Finding the right balance is different for each Squad, so it's up to you to find the sweet spot for how much time you set aside before and after each meeting.

To help you communicate between meetings, we'll create a Group Conversation for your Squad, a direct messaging thread within the Ellevate website. You can use the Group Conversation to send regular updates to your Squad - remember, you can access the thread on your laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet.

As an important note: It is currently not possible to send attachments via your Conversation messages.