Your 30 Day Free Trial includes everything that's in Pro Access

Pro Membership includes:

  • Free tickets to Roundtables, where an expert-led, topic-driven discussion will give you the confidence and knowledge to face your challenges head on.

  • Free tickets to Community Circles, where you and members from a specific identity can come together to share stories and recognize you’re not alone in the complexity of your experience.

  • 50% Off In Person Events, where your local Ellevate community will be there to remind you to have fun while nurturing your career growth.

  • Two Squads each year, groups 5-8 members, who will help you cultivate the confidence (and nerve) you need to make thoughtful decisions in your career. 

  • Network with Attendees - see who's going, get personalized suggestions of people you should meet, and start a conversation

  • Watch Recorded Events - our library has hundreds of webinars, panels, and workshops.