Prepare for Your Hot Topic Discussion

Look at the list resource for each topic. As you watch, listen, or read through the suggested resource, jot down your thoughts and observations. You can also use the reflection questions below to guide your thinking. 

During your Squad meeting, take time to share what you learned. Work together with your Squad to find ways to apply what you’ve learned to your professional life. 

For Additional Guidance

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Topic 1: Building Psychological Safety and Belonging

Watch the Video: Building Psychological Safety and Belonging

We recommend the excerpt from 03:20 to 14:20

Reflection Questions

  • What are some approaches you use to build trust across your teams?
  • What policies (if any) does your company offer to employees that promote well-being? How do these policies contribute to making employees feel safe in the workplace?
  • What personal stories about yourself might be helpful to share with members of your team? How might sharing those stories help you lead with empathy?

Topic 2: Supporting Your Teams: Navigating Mental Health At Work

Watch the Video: It’s Ok To Not Be Ok

We recommend the excerpt from 15:00 to 41:00

Reflection Questions

  • What support does your company provide for employees’ wellness/mental health?
  • What approaches might you take/change to provide more authentic support to your team members?
  • What can you do as a leader to show your team that prioritizing mental health/wellness/self-care is okay? How can modeling this help you build a more authentic culture? 

Topic 3: Constructive Conflict and Accountability

Watch the Video: Constructive Conflict and Accountability 

You can watch the excerpted video in its entirety (~12 minutes)

Reflection Questions

  • How often do you experience conflict during a typical work week? 
    • What do you find most challenging about working through conflict? 
  • What changes could you make to your leadership style to facilitate constructive conflict?
    • How might you lean into conflict to find innovative solutions? 
  • Do you have experience coaching team members through conflict? If so, what advice did you give them?