Yes, many members have access to a professional development stipend via their employer. Your company may require you to send over some additional information about how an Ellevate Network membership will support you in your leadership development and hitting your quarterly goals at work. You can customize the letter template below to help you get approval for expensing your annual membership. 

Dear {Name} 

I’m writing for approval to expense my 12-month Pro Access membership to Ellevate Network, the largest community of women at work. 

Ellevate is a powerful coalition of ambitious and supportive women who believe there is strength in numbers. There are 250,000+ members worldwide, across diverse industries, backgrounds, and career inflection points. 

With Ellevate Pro Access, I will be able to participate in programs that fit my work schedule, giving me a flexible and efficient way to learn from experts that can help me adapt to new situations, brainstorm creative solutions for our team, and improve cross-team communication.

Ellevate’s programs include access recurring Roundtable discussions, virtual Workshops, and quarterly Mentoring Meetups. 

I would also be able to participate in Ellevate’s Squads program. I’ll spend 30 minutes a week, for 12 weeks, learning from a small group of 6-8 other professional women. The program will give me a time efficient way to cultivate my growth and impact , so that I can [ONE OF YOUR ANNUAL/QUARTERLY GOALS] at [COMPANY NAME].

Ellevate Pro Access is $40/month when you pay the full price of the annual membership ($480) upfront.

Enrollment in the Spring 2021 Squads program is open now, and the deadline to apply is Thursday, February 18th. 

Thank you for your consideration and let me know if you have any questions.