The Kick Off call is mandatory for all Squad members - it's a great opportunity to get to know one another, including your Top 1-2 goals for the program. Taking time for introductions will help the rest of the group get to the know you and make it easier for the group to offer each other tips and advice.

Before the Kickoff, you should set aside 30 minutes to...

  1. Fill out your Goals Worksheet (see attachment)

  2. Introduce yourself in the Squad Group Conversation

  3. Confirm your recurring Squad meeting is reserved on your calendar

Kick Off Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome from the Squad Mod

  2. Introductions - each member should take 2-3 minutes to share:

    1. What do you do professionally?

    2. What do you want to get out of the program?

    3. Any highlights you’re comfortable sharing from your Goals Worksheet

  3. Together, review the Squads Code of Conduct.

    1. Respectful, safe, confidential space that maintains Ellevate’s Values.

    2. All members are expected to attend calls; you should miss no more than 2.

  4. What to expect next:

    1. Any members who don’t follow up in 24 hours can be removed by the Squad Mod

    2. The Squad Mod will make final selections for Hot Topics and add them to the curriculum, in place of any Hot Seats for removed members.

    3. Same time and place next week for the first Hot Topic!

What happens if I miss the Kickoff meeting?

If you miss the Kickoff due to a last minute schedule change or an emergency, make sure to message your Squad within 24 hours. The Squad Group Conversation is the best way to keep everyone in the loop and confirm that you're committed to the rest of the program. If you do not follow up, your Squad Mod may remove you from the program.