When can I apply for Executive Squads?

We run the Squads program twice a year, in the Fall and the Spring, and we send an announcement to our community once applications are open via our newsletter, The Morning Boost

Applications for the Spring 2021 program will be available starting, Monday January 25th. You can apply to join a Squad by visiting https://www.ellevatenetwork.com/squads.

Filling out an application is easy, and only takes a minute. We'll ask you...

  • To select two meeting times that work for your schedule

  • To indicate preference for either a Local or Global Squad 

  • To indicate your interest in leading a Squad as a Mod

Please note that selecting a preference for a Local Squad is not a guarantee that you will be matched in a Local Squad. When making Squad matches, we prioritize your career stage and your meeting availability in order to find the best possible mix of Ellevate members. Finding members who are available at similar times and understand your career context are both essential for setting you (and your Squad) up for success. 

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