All Executive Squad Members agree to our Code of Conduct:

Squads are a confidential space for you to support each other, to share your goals and challenges, to celebrate your wins, to clear your roadblocks and to hold one another accountable. Please keep Ellevate’s Values top of mind: be respectful, value the diversity of the group, practice gratitude, and search for action-oriented solutions.

By applying to join the program, we expect that you'll make every effort to attend each of the weekly video calls. Attending and contributing to the weekly calls is the very best way for you to get to know fellow Squad members and to get advice for your career. If you need to miss a meeting or two, make sure to let your Squad know ahead of time. By keeping each other informed, you can make the most of this investment in yourself and others.

If anything changes with your schedule while applications are open, you can change your selected meeting time here.