Where do you find Ellevate Experts?

You can get to the Ellevate Experts page from the site navigation, under “Your New Community” → “Become an Ellevate Expert”

What is Ellevate Experts?

Ellevate Experts are members within our community who are committed to supporting others through their career journeys by sharing their knowledge, stories, and best career advice. 

Ellevate Experts have been in your shoes. They’ve faced career obstacles and made it to the other side — and they can tell you just how they did it via their articles, webinars, and podcasts. 

Plus, members can reach out one-on-one to Experts for specific, personal advice. It’s an opportunity to make a more impactful and individual connection with women who can help you get further in your career.

Through our many benefits at the Innovator and Executive Council levels, Ellevate Experts can establish themselves as leaders in their fields to both our member community and to our larger audience. Ellevate offers a number of tools for getting their name and brand out there, such as writing articles to be published by ForbesWomen, being Spotlighted on our website, hosting webinars for our members, co-hosting Twitter Chats to leverage our social reach, and speaking at local Ellevate events.

Being an Ellevate Expert means making yourself and your company known to a network of women who want to learn from your experience. By writing articles, hosting webinars, and making meaningful connections with individual members, you have a chance to support your fellow members while achieving your own professional mission and goals.

How do you become an Ellevate Expert? 

Ellevate Experts are members at Pro or Executive Access who have engaged in their membership in the following ways:

  • Have published at least 2 articles

  • Have a Member Spotlight

  • Have hosted at least 1 webinar or spoken at an event 

  • Have Conversations on

  • Have uploaded a profile picture

  • Have included at least one area of expertise on their profile

When a members with Pro or Executive Access has taken advantage of all of these benefits of membership, they’ll be an Ellevate Expert and will be shown on the Ellevate Experts page on our site here: https://www.ellevatenetwork.com/experts