Previously, our memberships were centered on seniority -- now it's all about what kind of access you want to Ellevate.

Get introduced to a private, diverse community of true peers. Executive Access gives you the entirety of Pro Access, plus more from a higher perspective:

All Access Event Pass

  • Free Tickets to Executive Roundtablessafe spaces to get advice on the topics you care about, right from your desk or kitchen table.
  • Free access to Executive Squads - twice year
  • Free Tickets to Virtual Workshops - interactive face time with our Experts.
  • 80% Off In Person Events in 40 Chapters around the world - any nominal fee covers your food and beverage.
  • Network with Attendees - see who’s going, get personalized suggestions of people you should meet, and start a conversation.
  • Watch Recorded Events - our library has hundreds of webinars, panels, and workshops.

Private Exec Community

  • Join an Executive Access program!
  • Get the support that you don’t get in your everyday professional life - and that you never knew you needed - from leaders who care about using their skills to leave a mark on the world.
  • Crowdsource solutions to timely challenges at Virtual Corporate Executive Roundtables - a no holds barred, honest conversation you can drop in on any Thursday.
  • Dive deep into your challenges in a safe space, give and receive feedback, and get different perspectives with a hand-picked group of other senior executives in our 12 week Executive Squads program. 
  • Executive Lunches with other senior executives in your city.

Executive Squads Program

  • Get clarity and advice from other senior executives in our 12 week programwhere we’ll introduce you to a hand-picked group of your peers who know what it’s like to get to the top.