How to prepare for your Hot Topic discussion

Listen to the following podcast and write down your thoughts and observations. During your Squad meeting, use the discussion questions to guide your conversation with your Squad. 

Listen to Episode 202: Managing Your Mental Health and Covid-19

Discussion Questions

  • What are routines you have implemented to make sure you’re giving yourself permission to unplug and set aside time for your self-care?

  • Research shows that mindfulness practices (such as meditation or yoga), help to set intentions for your day. What practices have you found helpful for staying connected with your work and family?

  • What actions have you taken to support friends in need of extra love and attention from you? What gestures and words are most meaningful to you when friends reach out to support you?

  • How do you ask and show support for colleagues at work? Whether or not you’re in a leadership role, what actions have you taken to support the well-being of employees?