How to prepare for your Hot Topic discussion

Listen to the podcast excerpt and write down your thoughts and observations. During your Squad meeting, use the discussion questions to guide your conversation with your Squad. 

Listen to The Science of Happiness (excerpt from 5:05-13:15)

Discussion Questions

  • Nataly Kogan speaks to the importance of building a strong, emotional well-being. What does this mean to you and how does cultivating one impact your performance at work? 

  • Do you agree with the idea that “happiness” is a skill? Are there other emotions and feelings (e.g. mindfulness) that you think are equally, if not more important for navigating uncertain times?

  • Kogan mentions that practicing gratitude is important. What are you grateful for and how might you implement a daily ritual of gratitude? 
    • If this is already built into your routine, what changes do you want to make to help you nurture and evolve your leadership mindset? 

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