How to prepare for your Hot Topic discussion

Listen to the podcast excerpt and write down your thoughts and observations. During your Squad meeting, use the discussion questions to guide your conversation with your Squad. 

Listen to Episode 170: Why We Choke Under Pressure (excerpt from 06:00 - 13:30)

Discussion/Reflection Questions

  • When you are faced with the pressure to succeed, it’s easy to imagine how you might fail at achieving the goal(s) you’ve set for yourself. What are some tactics you use to help you focus on how you will succeed in pursuit of your goals?

  • Sian Beilock mentions that we have the power to change both our psychological and physiological mindset to better cope with the pressure and anxiety to succeed. What is your usual reaction in responding to stressful situations? How might you reframe those reactions as you take steps towards achievement? 

  • Listening and incorporating feedback is an important practice in healthy leadership. What are the ways that you ask for feedback as you grow and develop as a leaders? Who do you trust to provide you with feedback during periods of self-doubt and uncertainty?