How to prepare for your Hot Topic discussion

Watch the following video and write down your thoughts and observations. During your Squad meeting, use the discussion questions to guide your conversation with your Squad. 

Watch: What To Do When You Don’t Know What’s Next

Discussion Questions

  • Do you have a clear vision for what you wish would happen next in your career? If not, can you explain how it would feel to have clarity?

  • What do you feel conflicted about at your career crossroads?

  • Do you have competing priorities in your life? How do you wish to balance them?

  • Who in your network could you ask for help and support while navigating and deciding the changes that you’d like to make in your career?

OPTIONAL: On Your Own Activities

  • Creating your own career compass. What does this begin to look like when you think about the direction you want to take, rather than the direction you think you should take?
  • Create a mind map to brainstorm three different dream job descriptions