How to prepare for your Hot Topic discussion

Listen to the following podcast and write down your thoughts and observations. During your Squad meeting, use the discussion questions to guide your conversation with your Squad. 

Listen to Episode 218: Gender in Context The US and The World

Reflection Questions

  • Nina speaks at length about how women are disproportionately affected when it comes to paid maternity leave, and unemployment due to unforeseen crises (such as covid-19). Did any of the statistics she mention stand out to you? Did you react strongly to anything that she mentioned in citing specific evidence within the US context.

  • Wage discrimination is one specific issue discussed in this episode. Do you work for a company that is working towards paid equity? What actions could you take to fight and make the case for pay equity at your company.

  • What steps can you take to educate people in your communities about the issues that stem from gender inequity in society and the workplace?