We hope you're excited to participate in the Fall 2020 Squads program! In the table are some of the key program dates, be sure to mark your calendar so you don't miss the first week of Squad meetings in September. 

 August 3
Invitations begin to go out tp prospective Squad Mods 
August 17

Introductory emails to your Squad begin to go out.

*Note that we will not introduce you to your Squad unless there is a confirmed Squad Mod. Because of this, you may receive your introduction later in August. 

August 20
Onboarding Session for All Participants. 
Registration details will be sent via email
August 23

Onboarding Sessions for Mods. 
Registration details will be sent via email. 
Anyone interested in the Squad Mod role is invited to attend.

September 1
Kickoff Meetings begin
September 8
Hot Topic Meetings begin
September 15Hot Seat Meetings begin
November 17
Retrospective Meeting begin 
November 26Thanksgiving