This situation is rare, but if it happens, there are a few things that you can do to make sure your Squad is able to move forward in the program. 

  1. A few days before your scheduled Kickoff Meeting, log into your Ellevate Account and checkout the Squads Dashboard. 

  1. If there is no Zoom Meeting URL posted, the next best step is to ask away in the Squad Group Conversation.  You can send a message to your Squad from the  Message Your Squad button (located on the top left of the Squads Dashboard) and ask if there is a link that is ready to be shared. If you have participated in Squads before, offer to help the Squad Mod get the meeting details get setup and shared with the rest of the Squad.

  1. Two business days before your Squad Kickoff Meeting, check to see if there is a Zoom Meeting URL posted. If the URL is still missing, please have one member from your Squad reach out to the Ellevate Team at In the subject line, please indicate the scheduled day and time of your Kickoff Meeting so that our team can assist with setting up a temporary Zoom Meeting link. 

  1. During your Kickoff Meeting, if the assigned Squad Mod does not attend, work with the rest of your Squad to identify a new Mod. Afterwards, follow-up with the Ellevate Team at to let us know who the new Squad Mod will be. We’ll then help make sure we transfer the Squad Mod Tools to that member so they can update the schedule of Hot Topics and Hot Seats.

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