When Priorities Change (and why it matters)

Not everyone’s life is picture perfect. Sometimes we face big, unexpected changes in our lives... an accident, an illness, the loss of a loved one, becoming primary caretaker for a sick relative. 

When this happens, how do you get back to a new normal? How can we be better as a support system when there are people in our lives going through big changes?

It's Ok To Not Be Ok

Stress, burnout, anxiety, depression… mental health issues vary, but the truth is they’re more common that we think. 

1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year. 

When you’re going through something, how do you make sure you can manage your career? How do you find balance, and what do you need to put yourself first, in such an overcharged and overly busy environment?

Human-Centric Policies

How do we build workplaces that are diverse, inclusive, and where we all feel like we belong? What are the leading companies doing to make sure they are attracting and retaining their top talent? Expensive perks, happy hours and flashy offices can be fun - but it's embracing a feeling of belonging for employees that really makes a difference.

The Changing Face of Business

What can we tell today about the future based on current trends of changing consumer demographics, attitudes and values? How do these changes in demographics factor into the workforce? With the rise of consumer and employee advocacy, conscious capitalism, generational shifts and more, how can businesses stay relevant?

Technology and Bias

Artificial Intelligence can be used to reduce bias (great examples are Text.io or Blendoor which remove bias from job postings and candidate recruiting) but in other cases, we don’t realize the problem until it’s too late. Recent cases like Apple’s new credit card giving higher credit limits to men than to women prove that ensuring fairness might not be as easy as we think. What happens if the technology we’ve come to depend on has been built with inherent bias? 

Equal for All - Being Allies, Advocates and Accomplices

There’s always been a lot of talk about being an “ally” but this term is sometimes limiting; it denotes a more passive involvement. If we want to see change we need to not only be allies, we need to be advocates and we need to be accomplices. It means putting some skin in the game. It means not just believing in equality but taking action. That’s how we create impact. 

“If we’re not equal for all, we’re equal for none” but if we stand together, as allies, advocates and accomplices, we can create a better world. 

...and many more!