At Ellevate, we collect personal information for the express purpose of providing the professional training, support, and advice people need to succeed in the workplace. 

Our community is diverse, so understanding the goals and needs of each of our members is critical to our ability to deliver the right resources at the right time and to help you network efficiently.

For example, we encourage all members to add the following information to their profiles so that we can help them find their people:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Member Picture
  3. Current Position & Employer
  4. What you’re working on
  5. How you can help others
  6. Industry and Role
  7. Member Bio
  8. Affinity Groups
  9. Links to personal websites or socials. 
  10. Phone number (for us to contact you regarding your account)

None of this data is ever sold to third parties, though it is often stored temporarily in third party platforms we use for managing memberships and communicating with members, like SendGrid. 

Furthermore, Ellevate does not store or retain any payment information; all payment information is passed securely and directly to Stripe.

Read more about our data practices