If you’re curious about your profile’s progress bar that lives on your Dashboard, you’ve come to the right place! 

That percentage is an important part of building your Ellevate profile, and it can be useful to see what goes into that number. Below is a breakdown of what will make you stand out and get your profile to 100%!

  1. Add your name to your profile.
  2. Don’t be faceless - upload a pic! 
  3. Add your current position.
  4. Share what you’re working on.
  5. Share how you can help others.
  6. Add your industry and role.
  7. Add a bio - what’s your story?
  8. Join a group - or two!
  9. Link to your website or socials. 
  10. Add a phone number, for account questions.

As you continue to add these in, you will see that progress bar grow more and more, until you reach 100%, then it disappears and you’re all set.  Feel free to update these as they change too — a new position, a new project, or even a new picture!