The contributions made to EllevateHer Forward will directly go towards supporting the futures of women who have been impacted by the crisis, giving them access to programming and a coalition of women who can open doors.

This is not a band-aid solution nor a quick fix, we are choosing to believe in the women who need it the most. The EllevateHER Forward fellows will be equipped with a year-long comprehensive membership package including networking opportunities, professional and personal development programming, online resources, plus a community they can count on every step of the way - everything they need to jumpstart their post-pandemic careers. 

The contributors sponsor a woman’s return to work journey, when it’s needed the most. 

To underline our promise, we are pledging to match all of your contributions, up to $250,000. So when you sponsor a woman, we sponsor another for you. 

Because today, we don’t have the luxury of waiting until tomorrow.