What is the Retrospective Meeting?

On the final call of the Squads program, each  member shares what they've learned over the last 12 weeks and shares what they plan to do next in their career. Together, the Squad can decide if they want to continue meeting; many Squads choose to continue meeting at the same time monthly or quarterly, and many decide just to keep in touch via Conversations on the Ellevate website.

If you choose to continue meeting with your Squad, the Squad Mod (or someone else on the Squad) can create a recurring invite. The calendar invite should also be updated to reflect the frequency of future meetings. You will eventually lose access to the Squad page, so be sure to confirm all meeting details and agree upon how you will
stay in touch with each other.

Retrospective Agenda 

  1. Hot Seat & Goal Recap - each member should share:

    1. What was their goal for the program?

    2. What did they learn from the experience? 

    3. What has happened since their Hot Seat?

    4. What’s their plan for the coming months?

  2. Decide on the future of the Squad - will you continue meeting, and how frequently?