At Ellevate, we are dedicated to creating impactful and meaningful experiences for all members in our community. We offer additional support and resources to the selected Squad Mods, including pre-program webinars to review the structure of the program and to discuss best practices. Behind the scenes, we're answering questions from other participants and making sure everyone has the resources they need to get the most out of Squads. Some participants may reach out with a request to withdraw from the Squad before the Kickoff meeting; if that happens, the Ellevate Team will take care of removing the participant from the Squad.

After the Kickoff Meeting, you can still expect to receive weekly communications from us on Sundays. Be sure to read this message for recommendations, tips, and other thoughts on how to make your Squads experience even more impactful. Any communications we send will come from, so be sure to rescue any messages from your Spam folder by adding this address to your Contacts.

Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Send them our way by submitting a Support Ticket so that we can continue to grow and improve the Squads Programs!