Option 1: Personal Resilience 

Listen to The Science of Happiness (excerpt from 5:05-13:15)

Discussion Questions

  • Nataly Kogan speaks to the importance of building a strong, emotional well-being. What does this mean to you and how does cultivating one impact your performance at work? 

    • Do you agree with the idea that “happiness” is a skill? Are there other emotions and feelings (e.g. mindfulness) that you think are equally, if not more important for navigating uncertain times?

    • Kogan mentions that practicing gratitude is important. What are you grateful for and how might you implement a daily ritual of gratitude? 
      • If this is already built into your routine, what changes do you want to make to help you nurture and evolve your leadership mindset? 

Additional Resources 

Option 2: Advocating for Yourself

Watch the video: Workshop: How to Confidently Tell People “What You Do” and Be Remembered

  • Answer the questions in the presenter’s exercise from 4:30-18:00.
  • Share your brand statements with your Squad

Reflection questions:

  • Have you had moments in networking when you struggled to explain to people what you do, or want to do?
  • How confident were you about your brand statement before using this exercise?
  • What are the main points about your brand that you want to make sure other people know immediately?

Additional resources:

Option 3: Finding Your Voice: Creating Progress & Change

Listen to an excerpt from the Ellevate Podcast: The Power of Resilience with Jas Boothe [Episode 23, 6:00 - 16:00]. Available on the Ellevate website and wherever else you listen to podcasts.

Discussion Questions

  • Did you find anything surprising in Jas’s story? Which parts of her emotional journey did you identify with?

  • What change or progress would you like to see made in your own life? How might you go about getting support to make those changes? 

  • What can you and your Squad do to help bring positive change to your workplace?