The following are topics of discussion for the Mobilize Women 2020 Summit:

Not Having It All: We’ve all heard the discussions about if women can have it all. We’ve heard you can have 2 out of 3, or “not all at the same time,” but we never really dive into what if we choose to not have it all? Conversations around motherhood, life choices, and owning your story including the hard decisions we have to make in a world where we can't always (or even want to) have it all.

Human-Centric Policies: How do we build workplaces that are diverse, inclusive, and where we all feel like we belong? What are the leading companies doing to make sure they are attracting and retaining their top talent? Expensive perks, happy hours and flashy offices can be fun…. but it's embracing a feeling of belonging for employees that really makes a difference.

Dismantling Social Constructs: Gender roles, racial labels, age, beauty standards, the definition of family…. these and many others are things that exist not in objective reality -- they exist because humans agree that they exist. The good thing about social constructs is that they can change and evolve over time, and we believe there are a few of these that are outdated and need to be completely rethought.

Equal For All: There’s always been a lot of talk about being an “ally” but this term is sometimes limiting; it denotes a more passive involvement. If we want to see change we need to not only be allies, we need to be advocates and we need to be accomplices. It means putting some skin in the game. It means not just believing in equality but taking action. That’s how we create impact.

It's Ok To Not Be Ok: Stress, burnout, anxiety, depression… mental health issues vary, but the truth is they’re more common that we think. 1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year. When you’re going through something, how do you make sure you can manage your career? How do you find balance, and what do you need to put yourself first, in such an overcharged and overly busy environment?

World Changing Ideas: Innovation and disruption can sound like empty buzzwords, and many times we can go down a rabbit hole when innovation and disruption are the goals. A great idea starts with a significant enough problem that needs to be solved. That idea, in the right hands and at the right time, can change the way we see and interact with the world around us.