Here's a Quick Recap of What We Covered

Secrets to A Successful Squad Experience

  1. Before your Kickoff Meeting, take 10-15 minutes to outline what you aspire to accomplish during the 12-week program
    1. You can use the Squad Goals Worksheet to help you brainstorm (find the worksheet here)
  2. Communicate with your Squad through your Group Conversation. Just go to the Squads page, log into your account, and go to "Message Your Squad"
  3. Set aside 15-30 minutes before each Squad meeting to prep ideas, questions, and insights to share with the rest of the group
  4. For more advice, check out the Sunday newsletters (sent by Samantha from
  5. Don't forget to track your accomplishments (even those small wins). 
    1. We even have a Check Your Progress Worksheet to help you count all the small wins along the way :)  

Fall 2019 Program Schedule

1. Kickoff Meeting - Scheduled the week of September 2nd (right after Labor Day) :)

    Your Squad will meet on the same day/time for all 12 weeks

2. Hot Topic Discussion - Scheduled for the week of September 9th

    You can also use extra space in the curriculum (TBD sections) for Hot Topics or additional Hot Seats

3. Hot Seats - One per week starting the week of September 16th

    Each member gets a turn in the Hot Seat. If you want to switch your Hot Seat to a different date, just let your Mod know and she will take care of making schedule updates

4. Retrospective Meeting - Scheduled for week of November 18th (wrap-up one week before Thanksgiving holiday) :) 

Check out Squad Meetings Agendas and Worksheets section of the Support Center for more step-by-step instructions on prepping for each of your Squad meetings.

Squads and the Ellevate Website

1. How do you know who is in your Squad? Log into your Ellevate account and go to the Squads page.
2. Introduce yourself to your Squad in the Group Conversation. Just go to  Message Your Squad (on the left) and say "Hello!"

3. Check the curriculum schedule to find your Hot Seat. If the date does not work, reach out to your Squad Mod.

4. Questions? Use the "Contact Us" button on the lower right (available throughout the Ellevate website) to find articles and resources related to Squads.
5. For more 1:1 support, please open a ticket in the  Ellevate Support Center.