Each Squad member gets one week in the Hot Seat, where the whole call is focused on her goals and challenges. This ensures that meetings aren’t all small talk and that each member gets an opportunity for dedicated feedback. In fact, members have told us they learn more from other Hot Seats than from their own!

Remember, the goal of the Hot Seat is for each member of the Squad to get the best advice on her specific situation. Your Squad is a confidential, safe space - share openly, and respond with empathy. We’re all in this together.

Before the Call 

At least one day before the call, the member in the Hot Seat should share the situations and questions from her Hot Seat Worksheet in the Group Conversation.

Hot Seat Meeting Agenda 

  1. Review what the Hot Seater shared with the group. She can read through and share a situation (or two) from her Hot Seat Worksheet.

  2. Squad members can ask clarifying questions. Some questions to ask might include:

    1. Why are you focused on these goals and/or challenges?

    2. What actions have you taken or considered in achieving this goal/overcoming this challenge?

    3. What roadblocks have you experienced/are experiencing? 

    4. What kind of support do you need from our Squad?

    5. What does success look like for you?

  3. Squad members can then share how they've tackled similar challenges

    1. Note how the Hot Seater’s conditions might be different, based on her situation; other members can suggest how to replicate their experiences within the Hot Seater’s context.

    2. Members can share external resources they’ve used - websites, books, experts, etc.

  4. If possible, the Hot Seater could set and commit to specific, measurable steps to take in working towards specific goals

  5. Confirm next week’s meeting agenda - same time, same place.