The Secret to Building Insanely Great Teams (Spoiler: It’s Diversity)

Listen or Read: Embracing the Power of Diversity with Lauren Leader-Chivée (25:45 - 31:25)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever experienced being part of a diverse team? How did this affect your thinking and actions at work?
  2. How diverse are your workplace circles in your company?
  3. Has diversity and inclusion ever come up in discussions in your workplace? How did your company respond? How did you react?
  4. How can a diverse teams make a positive impact in your work environment?

How to Increase Employee Engagement

Read: Make Your Team a Place People Want to Work

Discussion Questions:

  1. What has driven you to be engaged or disengaged at work?
  2. Where have you seen meaning and purpose successfully integrated into the workplace?
  3. What are ways you have tried to understand your employee’s passion and goals?
  4. How have you shown your support to your employees?

Honing your Mentorship Skills

Read: The 2 Most Important Factors In Building A Successful Mentor/Mentee Relationship
Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you mentored before? Was it a formal relationship, or more of an informal setup for casual/occasional advice?
  2. If you have a formal relationship, share a piece of advice for checking in with your mentee. How do you keep up with them?
  3. How do you communicate with your mentee? Is it digital or in person? What works best with you?
  4. What have you gained from your experience mentoring people? How can you apply the factors from the article to your skills?

Managing Change

Listen or Read: Changing A Company’s Culture, with Nellie Borrero (7:16 - 13:51)

Discussion Questions:

  1. When considering an organizational change - whether it's a new fitness program, or a major shift in staffing - how does your company culture factor in?
  2. How do you bring up the conversation of changing your workplace culture?
  3. What are some takeaways from the conversation with Nellie Borrero?
  4. Did any advice or experience she mentioned resonate with you?

Leadership Through Adversity

Listen or Read: Advancing Women’s Leadership with Miriam Grobman (19:30-22:34)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Are there many women in leadership positions in your workplace? If not, does the topic of the gender gap ever come up?
  2. How do you support other women to become leaders?
  3. What are the gender differences in your workplace?
  4. When you make an executive decision and face backlash, how do you respond? Do you feel like your leadership decisions are judged differently than those men make?