Personal Branding 101 

Read: 7 Steps to Personal Branding for Women

Discussion Questions:

  1. What sets you apart from your peers?
  2. What are your passions and values? How do they support you at work?
  3. What tips from the article do you think you have to work on?
  4. Personal branding is about marketing yourself and building your image. How do you want to present yourself to others?
  5. What are the first five things you would like the person you are meeting for the first time to think of you?
  6. What do the people closest to you think what your values and goals are?

Build Your Personal Board of Directors 

Listen: How to Build Your Personal Board of Directors
Discussion Questions:

  1. A “Board of Directors” is really just about knowing who you go to for advice in times of uncertainty. Who in your life do you go to with big questions?
  2. Did you pick those people strategically?
  3. Who do you wish you had on that list?
  4. What might you do to get the right mix of perspectives?

The Secret to the Secret of Success (Resilience)

Listen or Read: PR, Resilience and Giving Back with Jennefer Witter (5:14 - 7:19)
Discussion Questions:

  1. Jennefer mentioned that her book was rejected multiple times or never got a response. How does her situation apply to your career? How have you responded to rejection in your life?
  2. She advises women to never give up. How do you motivate yourself to keep moving forward?
  3. Think of a time where you were at a low point. How did you build confidence and faith in yourself during that time?

Managing Unconscious Bias

Read: Unintended Consequences of Unconscious Bias
Discussion Questions:

  1. When was a time that you’ve realized that you made an assumption of another group due to unconscious bias?
  2. How can you be an ally when you see that someone is a victim of a microagression?
  3. Have you had conversations about bias-prevention training or unconscious bias at your workplace?
  4. Have you ever seen or experienced an incident that was caused by biased thinking against a person or a group of people? How did you and/or the victim and company respond?
  5. How have you learned how to overcome these mistakes and your internalized bias?

Work-Life Balance

Read: The Answer to Redefining Work-Life Balance
Discussion Questions:

  1. Do you agree with the author that you should strive for work life harmony not balance?
  2. How have you tried to achieve work life balance before?
  3. What brings you happiness, satisfaction, or peace? 
  4. How can you integrate these elements into your work life?

Strategies for Confidence

Read: The 4 Confidence Commitments to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever done the four confidence commitments in your life? If so, how?
  2. Where there at times that you thought you couldn’t do something in the workplace whether it is speaking up or living up to expectations? How did you find your way around it?
  3. How have you dealt with negative feedback or rejection before?
  4. What are some practices/exercises you do to uplift confidence?
  5. How do you encourage confidence in the junior women in your office?