On the final call of the program, each Squad member reports back in on their progress and what’s next in their career. Together, the Squad can decide if they want to continue meeting as a support or accountability group; many Squads choose to continue meeting at the same time monthly or quarterly, and many decide just to keep in touch via Conversations.

Before your Retrospective, pull out your Squad Goals Worksheet and Hot Seat Worksheet. As you read what you wrote twelve weeks ago, consider:

  • Have your goals changed since the program begun?

  • Have you made measurable progress towards your goals?

  • Have you taken the steps discussed during your Hot Seat?

  • How has your approach evolved as you’ve listened to the Squad discuss their careers?

  • What’s your plan for the coming months?

 Retrospective Meeting Agenda

  1. Hot Seat & Goal Recap - each member should share:

    • What was her goal for the program?

    • What has happened since her Hot Seat?

    • What’s her plan for the coming months?

  2. Decide on the future of the Squad - will you continue meeting, and how frequently?

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