Each Squad member gets one week in the Hot Seat, where the whole call is focused on her goals and challenges. This ensures that meetings aren’t all small talk and that each member gets an opportunity for dedicated feedback. In fact, members have told us they learn more from other Hot Seats than from their own!

The Week Before

In the week before your Hot Seat, you should pull out your Squad Goals Worksheet and follow up by filling out our Hot Seat Worksheet. We recommend downloading the worksheet and writing out your answers by hand, but you can also follow along below.

Reference your Squad Goals Worksheet: What goals did you brainstorm for the 12 weeks? (Find the Squad Goals Worksheet attachment)

Goal One from your sheetGoal Two from your sheetGoal Three from your sheet

Situation & Question Brainstorm:

What specific situation could you share that relates to each goal - a recent difficult conversation? A roadblock you’re facing? Something you’re not sure about, or a question that’s keeping you up at night?

Goal One SituationsGoal Two SituationsGoal Three Situations

What questions could you ask the group in regards to this situation?

Goal One QuestionsGoal Two QuestionsGoal Three Questions

Consider: Is this a repeat theme in your life - a problem or roadblock you’ve faced more than once?

The Day Before

At least one day before the call, you should post your goals on the Squad Group Conversation, so that the rest of the Squad can reflect on what you’re facing and come with information to share.

On the Call

During your Hot Seat, you’ll read through what you posted on the Squad Group Conversation and share highlights from your Squad Goals Worksheet and Hot Seat Worksheet. You don’t have to share anything that makes you uncomfortable.

The rest of the Squad will ask clarifying questions, share how they’ve tackled similar challenges, and share any external resources they’ve benefitted from.

At the end of the call, you should set, and commit to identifying specific measurable steps to take by the end of the Squads program. This isn’t always possible - but the more you think about small steps, the easier it will be for the Squad to hold you accountable and the faster you’ll achieve your goals.