What are Hot Seats?

Each Squad member gets one weekly meeting dedicated just to discussing their goals and challenges. The members in The Hot Seat is able to prepare thoughts and questions that they would like their Squad to help them answer, or at least help them begin to get new ideas for how they may turn talk into action.

Remember, learning does not just have to happen when it's your turn in the Hot Seat. In fact, previous Squad participants have told us they learn more from other Hot Seats than from their own! If your Squad works together as a group, you can achieve almost anything you set your minds to. 

How do I prepare for my Hot Seat?

At least one day before the call, the member in the Hot Seat should share what they would like to cover during the 30-minute meeting. We've created a Hot Seat Worksheet to help you collect your thoughts. If you use the worksheet, you can share what you've written there in the Squad Group Conversation (just click on "Message Your Squad" on the Squads page). If the format of the worksheet does not work for you, then feel free to share your thoughts of what you like to cover in a format that makes most sense to you.

Hot Seat Meeting Agenda 

  1. Review what the Hot Seater shared with the group before the meeting (Hot Seater)
    - Read through and share a situation (or two) from the Hot Seat Prep Worksheet

  2. Ask clarifying questions (All) 

    1. Why are you focused on these goals and/or challenges?

    2. What actions have you taken to achieve this goal/overcome this challenge?        

    3. What resources (articles, podcasts, introductions) are looking for to help you move forward?

  3. Share stories, personal experiences, and examples for how how they've tackled similar challenges

    1. Members can also share external resources they’ve used - websites, books, experts, etc.

    2. Members can also offer to make personal introductions to contacts in their network who can directly answer specific questions from the Hot Seater

  4. If possible, the Hot Seater can define next steps and actions they want to take in working toward specific goals

  5. Confirm next week’s meeting agenda (Squad Mod)