What are Hot Topics?

During Week 2 and then later during breaks from Hot Seats, Squads discuss common professional challenges and work together to find solutions. To prepare for these discussions, Squad members listen to a mini podcast, or read a short article and come ready to discuss their point of view on the subject. For all meetings, the Squad Mod will kick-off the discussion, but everyone should be prepared to contribute their ideas and can ask questions.

Hot Topics options are here.

Hot Topic Meeting Agenda

  1. Review the Hot Topic Resource
    i. Did everyone check it out it in advance?
    ii. Initial thoughts and reactions?

  2. Use the Hot Topic Discussion Questions to prepare your thoughts and to guide the group conversation

    1. Do you agree or disagree with the suggestions in the resource?

    2. Has anyone in the Squad struggled with this?

    3. Has anyone in the Squad succeeded with this?

    4. What are actions you can take to

  3. Next Steps:
    i. Confirm next week's meeting agenda (i.e. another Hot Topic discussion or a Hot Seat?)
    ii. If Hot Seat, confirm who will be first up :)