Is the Kick-Off Meeting mandatory?

Remember, you'll never get a second chance at a first impression. If for any reason you need to miss the Kick-off Meeting, send a message to your Squad/Squad Mod through the Group Conversation (just look for the "Message Your Squad" button on the top left of the Squads page). If you do not send a message, your Squad Mod will remove you from the Squad.

What happens during the first meeting?

On this first call, you’ll get started with introductions. This is the time to learn more about why people joined the program, why they're part of Ellevate, and what they're most focused on in their career at the moment.

We recommend filling out your Squad Goals Worksheet before the Kickoff Meeting (see attached worksheet).

Kick Off Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome Remarks (Squad Mod)

  2. Introductions (All): Each member should take 2-3 minutes to share:
    a. Where are you in your career?
    b. What does a successful Squads experience mean to you?
    c. Highlights you’re comfortable sharing from the Goals Worksheet
    d. Why you decided to join Ellevate?

  3. Review the Squads Code of Conduct (Squad Mod)

    1. Respectful, safe, confidential space that maintains Ellevate’s Values.

    2. All members are expected to listen and support each other

    3. All members are expected to attend calls; you should miss no more than two meetings

  4. Next steps before next Squad Meeting (Squad Mod)

    1. The Squad Mod will make final selections for Hot Topics and add them to the curriculum
      Note: Hot Topics can be inserted into the curriculum whenever there is free space or unclaimed Hot Seats 

    2. Confirm that everyone has the Zoom meeting information, the meeting time, and Hot Topic selection for next week's meeting. 

    3. Hot Topic options can be found here