Previous Squad participants consistently share that Squads is one of the top highlights of an Ellevate membership. We've spoken to hundreds of members who have joined Squads over the years (many of them more than once).  We've collected their advice, perspective, and wisdom to help you start to see (and imagine) how a Squad can help you. The positivity, "can-do" perspective, and gratitude  demonstrated by these women inspires us to keep making Ellevate a special community where members listen to each other's full stories.

Learn from women who've been in your shoes to see how a Squad can help you in your career. 

1. If you're a Squad Mod, read: Squad Mod Lessons.

2. If you're looking to expand your professional network read: Squads and Community

3. If you're changing careers read: Squads and Career Success

4. If you're a networking guru read: Finding Your Squad

5. If you're looking for a way forward read: Support from Your Squad