As a previous Squad participant told us, Squads are an opportunity to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in your career. The program is designed so that women can participate at all stages of their career, all around the world. Whether you're looking to expand your network, receive advice, or mentor and support other women, Squads is a safe space to discuss and reflect on professional challenges.

If you're looking to....

  • Gain momentum in your career

  • Figure out your next career move

  • Grow and develop as as leader or manager

  • Expand your network of career advisors

  • Launch your own business

  • Find new ways to run/scale your existing business

  • Break into senior leadership or join a corporate board

  • Discuss common professional challenges

  • Navigate a career transition in a new city

...then a Squad might be the perfect program for you!

Check out our Squad Stories Series to learn more about how the program supported members in reaching their career goals.

If you have any doubts about whether or not a Squad can help you reach your goals, let us know by submitting a ticket via our Support Center. We'll work together with you to set you up for success in the program.