Research shows that for women (like you) to succeed in networking, it's important for you to belong to an active group of supportive and diverse peers. A strong, active group acts as a support system, gives you feedback, and holds you accountable for making progress toward your goals, while also helping others to do the same. 

Together, the group’s knowledge, network, and power is greater than the sum of its parts. In fact, we're 95% more likely to achieve our goals when we share what we're working toward with at least one other person. By joining a diverse group of women through Squads, you'll also get to expand your professional network and gain new ideas for your career.

You may have heard of Mastermind groups; Ellevate Squads follow similar guidelines, and make it easy to build meaningful relationships with professional women who’ll help you get to the next stage of your career.

Squads not only make investing in yourself a habit - they make the most of that investment. 

Ellevate Squads can help you...

Focus on making progress toward your goals.
Do you ever wish you had more than 24 hours a day? We know that you're busy and we help you focus your time, by giving you a a meeting agenda (and worksheets) to help you make progress in each 30 minute Squad meeting. With your Squad, you'll learn things about yourself, create a plan, and hold yourself accountable to do what you’ve been avoiding.

Get outside of your normal circle.
Your Squad will have your back and offer fresh, candid advice across different companies, industries, and backgrounds. Even if you all come from different situations, you'll work with your Squad to find common ground in your unique, and individual stories. 

Turn talk into action. 

Whether you want to solve leadership challenges, make a career change, or seek a mentor, it's important to not just list your goals. Your Squad will support you to help you find the actionable insights you need to take the right steps, and make the right moves, to transform your career.

All Squad Members agree to our Code of Conduct: 

Squads are a confidential space for you to support each other, to share your goals and challenges, to celebrate your wins, to clear your roadblocks and to hold one another accountable. Please keep Ellevate’s Values top of mind: be respectful, value the diversity of the group, practice gratitude, and search for action-oriented solutions.

We expect that you'll support your Squad by attending weekly video calls; by submitting an application, you are committing to this investment in yourself and others. If you unexpectedly can no longer attend weekly calls, please change your selected meeting time or withdraw your application.