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  • Submission length must be between 500 – 1000 words (900 max for 3rd party articles).

  • Topics should be on brand with Ellevate Network: relevant to a community of professional women, at various stages of their careers, who create, inspire, and lead.
  • Refrain from direct self-promotion or marketing for your individual company or brand. 
  • In the event that your article was previously posted elsewhere, please indicate where and include a link to the original posting.
  • Please keep in mind that we carefully review each submission before posting. Review could take a couple of weeks, depending on the number of submissions we receive. Members agree not to post or transmit any material which would violate or infringe upon the rights of any person or entity, or which would give rise to criminal or civil liability, nor will they post or transmit any material protected by copyright or trademark without the written consent of the owner.

Content Categories

Ask yourself: Which Ellevate content categories does my writing fit into? Tag your content with up to 3 relevant topics:

  • Become a more confident negotiator 
  • Build a personal brand 
  • Develop leadership and management skills 
  • Drive community and global impact 
  • Figure out what to do next 
  • Focus on health and wellness 
  • Get inspired and motivated 
  • Get on a board of directors 
  • Have more flexibility at work 
  • Make a career move 
  • Manage personal finances 
  • Move up and get paid more 
  • Network more efficiently 
  • Recruit diverse talent 
  • Start and succeed as a solopreneur 
  • Succeed as a working mom 
  • Tap into mentorship and sponsorship 
  • Thrive as a business owner or executive


Titles are very important to the success and visibility of your piece. Your title should be an accurate and clear representation of the content of your post. It shouldn’t be longer than 12 words.

On the Importance of Writing Good Headlines:
80% of potential readers will only see your headline. If you invest a lot of time writing an awesome post, you should spend just as much time making sure your headline is just as awesome. 

How to Change Your Headline -- Examples:

  • The Magic of ‘Why’ change to… 5 Reasons Asking ‘Why’ Will Help Revolutionize Your Career
  • Mentorship For You change to… How To Avoid Being Stuck With the Wrong Mentor
  • The Millennial Moment change to… The Secret to Attracting and Retaining Millennials

Headline Analyzer gives you tips on how to improve individual headlines

Secrets of Good Writing Jam Session with Forbes Senior Editor Caroline Howard

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Related Links 

Within your piece, include at least three links to Ellevate data and other Ellevate articles (including your own!) to back up your points and provide further reading. This is helpful to readers, increases credibility, and improves your online presence and personal brand through link building.

On the Importance of Link Building:
Link building is the practice of creating hyperlinks between websites. Hyperlinks from trusted websites back to your website tells Google and other search engines that your website is also a trusted source. When you link articles to each other, you’re telling Google that the set of articles is trustworthy, improving the visibility of your personal brand. Plus, it’s helpful to readers!
If you’re linking to an article that is published on Ellevate as well as a third party website, please be sure to link back to the Ellevate post. 

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Do you post your writing on other websites, including on your own blog or website?
Don’t forget to build credibility elsewhere by linking back to your featured articles on Ellevate and to your Member Spotlight. Links between your work on different websites are a key part of building your personal brand and credibility and expanding your online presence.

Author Bio

Your article will pull the first 75 words of your bio from your Ellevate profile, so make sure your bio is concise, accurate, and to the point. 

 Tips for a great bio:

  • Write in the third person about what you do and the value you create. 
  • Build credibility by listing places you’ve been published (including Ellevate), places you’ve spoken, and awards or recognitions you’ve received.
  • Don’t be afraid to brag! This is the place to position yourself as an expert.
  • Keep it short. 

For example:
Elle Smith is an experienced financial analyst and owner of Elle Financial Management, where she helps women manage their wealth portfolios. She has been named as one of the Top 40 Women in Finance, and her financial advice has been featured by Ellevate Network, The Huffington Post, and Forbes. Find Elle discussing women in finance on Twitter at @ElleSmith.