Love this question! You're speaking our language.

Before your first meeting, we conduct a pre-program survey to all participants; this assessment records their goals and gets a sense of how the community is feeling about those goals. Both midway through the program and at the conclusion of the program, we re-survey the community to measure any changes.

We’re looking for you all to have taken measurable steps towards your goals - whatever they might be - and to feel more confident in the next steps in your career. 

We're always collecting feedback to ensure that we're doing all we can to serve the community. Continually listening to the feedback and experiences of women in the program has driven the improvements we’ve been able to make to the program, including launching specific Local and Global Squads, building out a training program for Squad Mods, introducing a specific Code of Conduct, and diversifying our curriculum. 

Our goal is to provide a supportive community — people who have your back, open doors, and give you honest feedback — as we've seen that's a big part of what it takes to push forward in a male-dominated world. Measuring your progress towards your goals and your feelings about your career help us understand if we're achieving that goal.