Even though we sign up with the best of intentions, sometimes we just can’t commit to everything we’ve raised our hands for.

Members who Miss the Mandatory Kick Off Call

The goal of the Mandatory Kick Off is to not get bogged down with introductions at the start of every half hour call. It’s much better to dive right into meaty conversations.

If anyone misses your Mandatory Kick Off Call, reach out to them via Conversations; you can send a message to the Group Conversation, or reach out individually via the blue envelope by their name on the Squads page. Ask them to share their background and goals in the Squads Group Conversation within 24 hours of the missed call.

If they follow up within 72 hours (perhaps they missed the call because of some kind of emergency) it's fine for them to continue with the group - these things happen. They should be thoughtful on future calls, remember that they missed introductions; you should not have to do a second round-robin of introductions.

If they continue to miss multiple meetings without communicating, you can use the Manage Squad Members tool to remove them from your Squad. They'll get a confirmation email and can follow up with Ellevate if they feel the change was made incorrectly. 

...What if they never show up?

Removing Squad Members

If one of your Squad members can't commit to supporting the group on weekly calls, it’s OK to remove them; they can always apply for another Squad when their schedule is more accommodating. We create Squads of nine women knowing that you may have five or six women on each call - that’s the perfect size for a conversation.

When you remove a Squad Member, replace their Hot Seat with a Hot Topic. Reference: Picking Your Hot Topics