It’s totally normal that you would have a week or two when you’re on vacation, or dealing with a sick child, or handling an emergency.

First of all, do be sure to post in your Group Conversation and let your Squad know that you can’t be there. Setting their expectations is important.

1 - Designate another Squad Member to facilitate the call

If the call is a Hot Seat, the member in the Hot Seat could facilitate the conversation; if it's a Hot Topic discussion, please do pick a volunteer to take control and lead the conversation.

2- Check Your Zoom Meeting Settings - Enable Join Before Host

When setting up your Zoom Meeting, you must select "Enable Join Before Host" in order for Squad members to join the call without you. This is a checkbox you can see towards the bottom of your Zoom Meeting page.

How to find the setting Enable Join Before Host:

Check out our instructional video here