All members interested in joining a Squad must tell us on their Squad application if they would like to be placed in a Global or Local Squad. You may select "Either" if you are open to both options, and selecting this helps us review more options when finding a Squad for you.

Global Squads have members from different Chapters, all around the world. Members might come from the same two or three cities in the same time zone, or they might be spread across continents; either way, video conferencing enables the whole group to connect online. Signing up for a Global Squad is a great way to expand your network and develop connections in cities you may one day relocate to. 

Local Squads have members all from a single Ellevate Chapter. Members might be spread across local suburbs or may travel for work, but they share a home base. In face, some  Local Squads are encouraged to meet up in person at Ellevate events or on their own, but you shouldn't replace any of your video calls with an in-person meeting, as travel to a specific spot at a specific time of day is often difficult for many members. Please note that depending on your location and your availability, we may not be able to place you in a Local Squad. We recommend you keep your preference as broad as possible to increase our options for finding a Squad for you.