Squads are picked based on information you share in your Squad Application and Member Profile. This includes your meeting availability, your career stage (Rising Leader, Entrepreneur, Executive) and your interest in volunteering as the Squad Mod.

At Ellevate, we believe that our differences make us stronger and the same core belief holds true for Squads. We strive to create Squads that are diverse, but balanced. Because of this, we don't create Squads based on a single industry or job title. In your Squad, you may be matched with women  include women who are similarly driven and focused, but who may have different backgrounds, achievements, and goals from you. The opportunity to connect with women who see things from perspectives is key to finding solutions and identifying different actions you can take to elevate your career.

Don't worry if a colleague from your company also applies to the program. We make sure a company is only represented once per individual Squad; we do this to help you feel more comfortable with speaking openly about your current career context.