By applying for Ellevate Squads, you’re committing to supporting a group of professional women in reaching their goals. They in turn will provide you the same support and guidance for your career.

All Squad members are required to attend a 30-minute Program Kick-Off video call, followed by weekly video calls over the following 12 weeks. We take your schedule availability into account when picking Squads, and in turn we ask you're honest with us and yourself when selecting your Squad Meeting Dates.

Between Squad meetings, members communicate via Ellevate Conversations, our member-to-member messaging platform (Learn more about Conversations here). If you're placed in a Local Squad (made up of women in the same Chapter and with the same home base), you're encouraged to meet up in person at Ellevate events or even just for coffee. However, all official Squad meetings will be held via video conference, making it easy to connect for group discussions even when you're on-the-go.

As previous Squad participants have said, be present, be engaged, and show up to the calls - it's a worthy experience!