Squads are a confidential space for you to support each other, to share your goals and challenges, to celebrate your wins, to clear your roadblocks and to hold one another accountable. Please keep Ellevate’s Values top of mind: be respectful, value the diversity of the group, practice gratitude, and search for action-oriented solutions.

We expect that you'll support your Squad by attending weekly video calls; by agreeing to be a Squad Mod, you are committing to this investment in yourself and others.

For everything you do - thank you!

At Ellevate, we’re working to change the culture of business - from the inside out - to create a more just, equitable world. Our mission is to provide professional women with the support, community, and resources they need to create that change - both for themselves and for the world. 

We really believe that Squads of supportive, intelligent, and driven women can create a grassroots change that will help us get more women into power and leadership. You’re an important part of that. 

Thank you for taking the time to commit to yourself and thank you for supporting other women along the way. Our hope is that you start open conversations, stay authentic, and create a respectful, kind environment where everyone is comfortable sharing their story in an authentic, safe, and inclusive space.