Ellevate Network helps you make professional connections. In order to do that, we encourage you to attend online and in-person events, as well as reach out directly to other members online via our Conversations tool.

You can decide whether you would like to contact other members and be contacted by them via Conversations, the direct messaging tool on the Ellevate website. This is where you can also edit your settings to receive email notifications when someone messages you.

  1. After logging into your account, hover over your profile image and select My Account from the dropdown menu:
    Profile Dropdown.png

  2. Scroll to Messages Settings and check or uncheck one of the options:

  • Messages Are On - You can send & receive messages from other Ellevate members.

  • Messages Are Off

  1. Under Messages Email Settings select

  • Instant - Get notified about updates in your conversations.

  • Never

  1. Once you're ready, click on Update Message Settings to save the changes.

Message Settings.png